Marine Sciences

Since I was a child I have always been interested in knowing how the coastal environments behaved as a whole. Over time, such interest became a passion and aroused some uncertainties which I tried to resolve by carrying out firstly the degree in Marine Sciences at Universidad de Cádiz (UCA), and afterwards the Master in Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the Master in Land and Environment Management, being this latter postgraduate study carried out at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) in Seville. It was there, at UPO, where I had, at one instance, the opportunity of knowing some research being done within the framework of the Coastal Environments Research Group (PAIDI RMN 911) and then the great privilege of becoming part of this leading research group as a doctoral candidate. After five years of hard work, some difficulties being encountered, many successes achieved and new challenges always looming on the horizon, I obtained the PhD within the Environmental Studies Program. My research has been focused during this period of time on investigating the origin of a dune system located in Marbella (Western Costa del Sol, Southern Spain) through the study of the sediment supply from river basins to the littoral system and how the nature of its socio-economic development between the 17th and 21st Centuries has altered the sediment balance between the earth crust and the continental shelf, causing in the end severe consequences on the conservation status of the physical environment.